The safety and well-being of the children here at Wistaston Academy is a priority. Children cannot learn unless they feel happy and safe. We adhere to stringent Safeguarding procedures to protect the welfare of all the children who come here.

We are committed to:

· Establishing an ethos in which children feel secure, valued and confident of being listened to.

· Establishing relationships with parents that build on an understanding of the school’s
  responsibility to protect children (and recognition that this may sometimes require referral of
ndividual children to other child protection agencies).

· Establishing appropriate expectations of interpersonal behaviour; and developing strategies to
  help children to protect themselves.

· Providing training for staff in recognising signs, symptoms and behaviour which are symptomatic
  of abuse and in responding appropriately.

· Establishing good procedures and practices in relation to record keeping

It is the moral and legal duty of all adults in charge of children to be ready to protect children in danger from abuse. Education staff have a responsibility to observe, monitor and refer suspected abuse.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Dominique Griffiths (Principal)  -
Mrs Tina Brittain (Family Support Worker) -

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Samantha Joy - Deputy Principal 

Mrs Angie Dewsbury - Assistant Principal 

Mrs Frances Shaw - Assistant Principal

Mrs Karen Cutts - Assistant Principal 

Governor with Safeguarding responsibility:

Mr Kurt Arendse

Wistaston Academy

Moreton Road, Crewe, Cheshire CW2 8QS

Dominique Griffiths: Principal

01270 910500