Services in School

In school we are fortunate to have many services that support and add to the work that takes place around mental health and wellbeing.  Access to all groups are by referral through school although some parenting programmes can also be through self referral. Should you need further information about any of the services please contact Lizzy Dean who will be happy to chat through any questions or discuss referrals. 


NHS Mental Health Support Team (MHST)

In school we are fortunate to have Education Mental Health Practitioners who run a variety of interventions to support the development of positive mental health.  These include 1:1's with chidlren and parents, parenting programmes, group work and consultations.  Children are referred to the MHST via a referral process and parental consent is always gained before a referral is placed. If you would like more information about the MHST please click on the link below. 

Cheshire Mental Health Support Team


Creative Action Team

Since 2022 we have had the Creative Action team in school who support children through Assisted Animal Play Thearpy (AAPT) . APPT can assist in lots of areas suchs as self regulation, self-efficacy and empathy.  

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Music Box Meditations - Yoga

Sessions in school include whole class Yoga and small group sessions.   These sessions help to support mind and body health, supporting children to regulate emotions which prepares them for learning.  Our Hub particulary enjoy the sessions. An after school Yoga club is also available on a Tuesday for year groups 3-6.

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Familiy T.I.E.S 

The team have been working in the school to provide Toddler Bonding and Heart to Heart programmes. These sessions are for parent and child together, all sessions focus on play-based techniques. 

If you are interested in any furture programmes please let Lizzy Dean know.  

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